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From the 1969 Berkshire UFO incident to the incredible story of Barney and Betty Hill, these alien abduction stories can make even skeptics believe there is a truth.

On September 20, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were traveling through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when they reported seeing a bright light appear in the sky. Two hours later they returned to the driveway with no memory of what had happened or where they were.

According to their later reports, the two men traveled to Zeta Reticuli, a star system 39 light-years from Earth.For some unknown reason, Betty even managed to draw an accurate and detailed map of the sky as seen from this star.

This is the first notable story of alien abduction in modern history. Her story captivated a nation that had never heard anything like it before. In the years that followed, countless more stories of alien abductions and UFOs emerged, each with new details about these grotesque, otherworldly creatures.

In 1971, the Pascagoula incident occurred in which two fishermen were allegedly kidnapped from a Mississippi shore and held captive aboard a foreign vessel.Then came the 1978 Travis Walton kidnapping, in which a Texas man disappeared for five days.

Although there is no evidence yet that these first-hand accounts are true, the following nine alien stories are certainly detailed enough to give you goosebumps.


It all started in
with the alien abduction story of Barney and Betty Hill
Barney and Betty Hill were an American couple who claimed to have been abducted by aliens.

Barney and Betty Hill took a spontaneous trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire in September 1961. As mentioned in John G. Fuller’s 1966 “Journey Interrupted,” Barney needed a break from his night shift at the post office while Betty was mentally exhausted by the state’s child welfare cases.

On the last night of their spontaneous honeymoon, the two found themselves at a restaurant in Vermont, ready for their final trip back to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. After leaving at 10 p.m., they planned to return home around 2 a.m.

On the way, Betty noticed “a particularly bright star in the sky, perhaps a planet.” When this celestial object began to change direction erratically, Betty became convinced that it was a UFO. Not your husband.

“Barney,” he said. “If you think it is a satellite or a star, you are completely ridiculous.»

As the object approached, Barney stopped the car and got out, gun in hand, to investigate. As he approached the object, Barney saw what he later described as “a pancake-like disk glowing with bright white light” and about the size of a jet.

Returning to the car, he and Betty tried to avoid the ship, but instead became extremely sleepy and immediately lost consciousness. The couple pulled into the driveway at dawn and couldn’t remember what had happened – it was as if two hours of memory had been erased from their minds.

Although Betty was convinced she had encountered a UFO and later reported the sighting to the Air Force, her husband was skeptical.It wasn’t until December 1963 that the couple had a consultation with the psychiatrist Dr. Meeting Benjamin Simon, Barney changed his mind.

Dr. Simon said they both suffered from “crippling anxiety”. Betty, in particular, expressed herself “in the form of recurring nightmarish dreams.”Subsequently, Dr. Simon subjected her to hypnosis, which reportedly triggered very disturbing memories.


Barney Hill recalls almond-eyed “creatures” taking a couple aboard a UFO to conduct experiments on their naked bodies. Barney claimed the creatures took samples of hair, skin and nail clippings and then inserted a six-inch needle into Betty’s stomach.

Betty told Dr.Simon then asked the being they knew was the “leader” where they were. He replied jokingly, “If you don’t know where you are, there’s no point in telling you where I am.” »

During another hypnosis session in 1964, Betty is said to have drawn a map of the stars in the sky from memory as seen from a planet orbiting the star Zeta Reticuli.

The most shocking thing was that the map was drawn with amazing precision and that Zeta Reticuli was located about 40 light-years from Earth. Betty’s almost exact reconstruction of the stars surrounding the current star system remains one of the most fascinating aspects of any Alien story ever published.

Ultimately, Barney and Betty Hill’s report led the Air Force to launch Project Blue Book – a mysterious initiative to investigate domestic UFO sightings – and provided a template for all UFO abduction stories that would emerge in the coming decades.

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